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Ancient Architecture

For the history of Western Architecture, the Ancient period is anything before the Greeks in the fifthe century BC. This includes the Egyptians, the Persians and the Fertile Crescent, the Celts and the north, and Indigeonous architecture in Europa and North America.

Avebury Stones - England - 2500 BC
Palace of Knossus - Crete - 1600 BC
This room is from a Troglodyte cave in Les Baux de Provence France, circa 6000 BC.
This is the original Lion's Gate rom Mycenea, Greece circa 1400 BC.
These stones are from the Avebury Circle, England, circa 2500 BC.
Les Baux de Provence - France -
6000 BC
Lion's Gate - Mycenea - Greece - 1400 BC
Lion's Gate - Persepolis - Persia 600 BC
The Silbury Hill in England was a living and mortuary mound in England , circa 2700 BC.
The Pyramid of Zoser in Egypt dates from 2700 BC .
Silbury Hill - England - 2700 BC
Pyramid of Zoser - Egypt - 2700 BC
Caves - Syracusa - Sicily - 6000 BC
Palace of Xerxes - Doors - trabeated - - Persepolis
Door Reveal - Persepolis
Walls Rebuilt with Mud Brick- Persepolis